Welcome to the Research Cluster Reproduction, Genetics and Regenerative Medicine

The research cluster RGRG is linked to the Centre for Medical Genetics, Centre for Reproductive Medicine and the Department of Paediatrics of the UZ Brussel and consists of several research groups:

The research group Reproduction and Genetics (REGE), focuses on human development and clinical genetics.
The research group Biology of the Testis (BITE) studies spermatogenesis with a special focus on spermatogonial stem cells. The aim is to develop strategies to prevent male infertility by either storing and transplanting spermatogonial stem cells or generating sperm cells in-vitro.
The research group Follicular Biology (FOBI) has developed in vitro systems to grow ovarian follicles and to mature oocytes. A current focus is the development of non-invasive technology for testing the oocyte's maturity and for the prediction of embryo quality.
The research group Gene Therapy and Regenerative Medicine (GTRM) focuses primarily on the development and validation of gene and (stem) cell therapy for major health- and life-threatening genetic disorders.
The Research Group Reproductive Immunology and Implantation (REIM) aims to study different aspects of implantation of a human embryo and, more specifically, the interaction between the endometrium and the embryo which leads to a successful implantation in natural and stimulated cycles for ART.
The research group Moeder en Kind (Mother and Child) (MOKI).
The research group Neurogenetics (NEGE) is focused at the identification of novel genes involved in cortical development.


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